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With Deski you can rent out your unused workspaces and meeting rooms without any effort or costs. You earn money, make exciting contacts and remain completely flexible.

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Cover part of your real estate costs without losing your flexibility. For example, with four desks you can earn up to CHF 1'600.00 per month. With one meeting room (10 seats - 5 pc/wk) you can earn up to CHF 1'250.00 per month.

“ With Deski, I can cover the rental costs of unused workstations and meeting rooms. All this with almost no effort thanks to the automation of the process. ”

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Thomas Hug
CEO & Co-Founder @ Nine Internet Solutions
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Closeness to customers

Get closer to your potential clients and foster an enriching exchange. All Deski clients share the same entrepreneurial mindset. Start-ups, IT companies, marketplaces, marketing professionals, etc. Always dynamic on the move!

“ I think it's great to be able to flexibly rent out our free workplaces and meeting rooms! An ideal combination: practical model and meet great people. ”

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Cédric Tribolet
Founder & Managing Partner @ LikeBerry
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Empty rooms never make a good impression, neither on the outside nor on the inside. Use your space in an innovative way with Deski and improve the image of your company.

“ Deski is a top thing for us to use our workspace optimally. The founders Lionel and Alex are very committed and always find a suitable solution. ”

Deski Testimonial Quentin GmbH
Martin Angehrn
CEO @ Brixel
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We arrange an online meeting, check mutual interest and clarify any open questions.

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You upload beautiful photos and send us the rest of the necessary information and we put your company online.

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We'll take care of all the marketing activites and you can start accepting your first enquiries now.

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You decide which infrastructure you provide for the guests. The better the infrastructure, the more attractive your office is. External monitors, for example, are very appreciated.

Ergonomic chairs

High focus

Fast WiFi

Meeting rooms

Good coffee

External screens

Standing desk

Call booth

Social interactions

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