Rent an office in Switzerland.
Without a long-term lease.

Deski combines the best parts of coworking and traditional offices so you can meet with your team a few days a week in a professional workspace.

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Book daily or monthly

Don't ever sign again a long-term lease for an office that you'll use 50% of the time. Reserve desks and meeting rooms when you need them. Scale anytime.

“ During the pandemic, we cancelled our underused office in Zurich. Now, we book a Deski when we need to meet with the swiss-german team. ”

Deski Testimonial SAWI AG
Claudia Roque
Accountant @ SAWI
Map with Deski offices in Switzerland

Escape distractions

Home office, yes, but not 5 days a week. Work in professional offices that have a focused atmosphere and comfortable infrastructures. Get 25% more done.

“ Deski gives us the access to professional offices that we use 1-2 days a week. It takes us out from the home office routine and makes meetings more enjoyable. ”

Testimonial Happy Students GmbH
Roger Hubmann
Founder @ Happy Students
Image with lightful Deski office

Connect and learn

Get to know other successful companies during breaks and exchange insights. Keep the motivation high by being around driven people.

“ When I first tried Deski, I was surprised to have the CEO of the hosting company welcoming us personally. Even if we were in team, we felt like being part of the company. ”

Deski Testimonial Quentin GmbH
Camilla Cavaliere
Co-Founder @ Quentin
Picture with client in a Deski office

How Deski works

1. Browse

Find an office that you like and meets your current need for proximity, infrastructure and atmosphere.

2. Book

Book with just a few clicks single days spontaneously or several fixed workdays for you or your team.

3. Work

The confirmation of your reservation will arrive in a few hours. Look forward to the friendly welcome of your host!

Top-rated flexible offices

Guests highly appreciate these offices for location, infrastructure and more.

Find all the amenities you need

From ergonomic chairs and external screens to tasteful Brazilian coffees and fresh fruits, choose the office that fits your company's culture.

Ergonomic chairs

High focus

Fast WiFi

Meeting rooms

Good coffee

External screens

Standing desk

Call booth

Social interactions

Entrepreneurs and Teams love Deski

What they say


The online booking is very simple and convenient. I consider the price of a fixed workplace to be very reasonable and fair.

Walter Küpfer
Walter Küpfer
General Manager @ RecycleWall
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I really appreciate the flexibility of Deski! The active exchange with the partner offices is also great!

Sabrina Leva
Sabrina Leva
Business Developer @ WEDO

Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does a meeting room cost?

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